Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Giving Creatively

The stuff I create is typically for myself. I craft for myself, write stories that I enjoy, and create art that makes me happy. I think it's good to create things with myself in mind--it keeps me motivated. However, creating something that makes me happy is different from making something that's purposely designed to boost the happiness of someone else.

And when I say "Make someone else happy," I don't mean creating stuff that's riding on the latest trend just get attention and please a lot of people. I mean in the sense of creating something for a friend. Like making a cake for someone who needs one or drawing a comic for someone who could use a smile at that moment.

I like social media because it's a great way to share stuff with people. I can share what I made and wrote for myself. But sharing on Twitter or Facebook isn't the same as giving. And it's not nearly as rewarding as creating something for a specific person, and seeing their face light up in person. It's more than a thumbs up.

I think it's sad how sometimes my shyness makes it hard for me to give.  I fear giving the wrong thing, or that the other person won't like it. But when I do get out of my comfort zone and try anyways--I'm usually happy with the results.

I want to try to give more often. I want to surprise those I care about with entertaining short stories, artwork, or a craft that they didn't expect. Little, simple things that show that I care and that hold meaning.